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The Watershed Game helps students understand connections between land use, clean water and their community. Working in teams, students apply practices, plans, and policies to decrease water pollution while juggling financial resources. Successful teams reduce water pollution without going broke.

Classroom Version: Available at trainings, in a boxed set for purchase ($45) and in free downloadable parts (see below).

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Download and Print Files

Print files to create your own copy of the Classroom Version. Guidelines for printing will be added soon. However, it is much easier to purchase a full kit.

Student Worksheet


Watershed Game Land Use Maps

There are six maps you are required to print scaled for 11"x17" paper.

*Print 11"x17" and cut in half

*Print and cut in half.

tool cards

**Print double-sided on 8.5"x11" paper. Cut.

Team Roles

***Print and cut into four pieces.


****Print and cut into ten pieces.


Teacher Resources

scorecard example


Watershed Game Fundamentals

Three in-depth presentations available on Water on the Web.




Supporting Curriculum



+Make a paper watershed