NEMO What We Do

NEMO provides a variety of educational opportunities that focus on the impacts of land use changes on natural resources, with an emphasis on protecting and improving a community’s water and natural resources through the use of planning, practices, and policies. NEMO programs happen in informal, engaging settings that encourages dialogue among community officials. We provide customized programs that focus on community issues and needs.

NEMO offers a variety of presentations and workshops using a variety of methods and tools directly with local leaders. 


NEMO presentations of 30-60 minutes are sometimes the best introduction and method for building knowledge about the connection that local decision-makers have with land use, land management, and water quality.  NEMO currently has the following presentations:

  • Linking Land Use to Water Quality (NEMO 101) - An introduction to how land use and local decisions impact water quality
  • Low Impact Development (LID) – What is it?  What are the practices? How can LID help a city meet it’s water resource needs?
  • Ordinances & Policies including the new Minnesota MIDS or Minimal Impact Design Standards for stormwater. 
  • Trees, Roots, and Their Role in Stormwater Management
  • Bioretention - Rain Garden for Stormwater Management
  • Natural Resource Based Planning
  • Pervious pavement technologies for local decision makers
  • Stormwater Pond Management – the basics and the use of these in a city
  • Chlorides, Winter Road Management, and the impact on water quality.
  • Presentations can be tailored to meet individual community needs.

Watershed Games (<-- Click for more information)

The Watershed Game is an interactive, educational tool that helps individuals understand the connection between land use and water qualAugust 19, 2016ct water and natural resources, increase their knowledge of best management practices (BMPs), and learn how their choices can prevent adverse impacts.  Participants apply the tools of plans, practices, and policies that help them achieve clean water goals for protection and restoration while providinAugust 19, 2016August 19, 2016CLASSROOM VERSION.

Workshops on the water

NEMO works with a variety of local partners to develop and lead interactive, hands-on shipboard workshops for appointed and elected officials out on the water resources that they play a role in managing.  Effective and popular NEMO components include the Guided View, demonstration and activity, quizzes, established learning objectives, and take home points including their roles as decision makers.


NEMO assists in efforts to plan and offer several annual conferences and summits including the Clean Water Summit, Minnesota Water Resources Conference and also partnering with Stormwater U trainings.


This unique NEMO workshop brings local decision makers out on the landscape, into the watershed, to observe, discuss, and see really how land use and land management impacts water & natural resources.  They are not bus tours – but rather education programs that provide sound science that supports informed decision making.

Train the Trainer

NEMO is building increased capacity by providing training to local watershed and natural resource educators on effective workshop and program design, delivery, and evaluation.